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A Small September Affair (2014)

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A beautiful girl who has everything. Charming, playful, in her own words: ‘too joyful to fall in love.’ A sudden car crash, and her heart stops for a few minutes. When she wakes up, everyone assures ‘every-thing’s alright.’ But she knows it isn’t. Because she cant remember her final month; a September of her life is missing. Leading a trail of hastily covered clues she finds herself in a remote Aegean island. A weird looking, grubby recluse, comes up-to him and proclaims: ‘Don’t you remember me? I’m the man you fell in love with.’ Everything sensible about her screams ‘get out of there’ but she follows her memories right onto the tragic end of a miraculous affair.

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Genre: DramaMysteryRomance


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Duration: 102

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IMDb: 7.2